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Fresh Lenses, Clear Eyes

Have you ever left your soft contact lenses in for a little too long? It's common knowledge that lots of things are just plain better when they're new. It's no surprise that the same idea is also applicable to your contact lenses. As a rule, you shouldn't leave them in your eyes for longer than you need to. Although it might not seem so bad, if you care about having healthy eyes, don't ignore the wearing and changing routine your optician gives you. This means that if your optician tells you to wear a new pair daily, change them daily, because they can't be worn any longer than that.

So many people think, can't I just squeeze a few additional wears out of them? In order to better understand this, let's take a look at protein - not the type you stir into your shakes, but the natural protein in your eyes that gathers over time on your lenses which forms a thin haze. Foggy vision is just the start.

After some time, these proteins evolve and confuse your immune system, which begins to think that the accumulation is a foreign particle, and the body's reaction can lead to itchy, swollen and irritated eyes. This leads to a situation where a toll is taken on your vision. External particles like pollen or dust can also accumulate on the lens, which also makes eyesight blurry. Even when you do all you can to take excellent care of your contact lenses, over time they'll become less clear and smooth, which is the result of normal deterioration.

It's smart to keep to the routine your eye care professional advises for you. Everyone's eyes are different, so only your eye care professional should determine the correct contact lens replacement schedule for you. When you throw out and replace your contact lenses when you're told to, you'll never notice the difference that is so apparent when you use them longer than you're supposed to.