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Getting Your Child’s Eyes Ready for School: Temecula Kids’ Eye Exams

Children across the country are gearing up for a new school year. Before going back to school, the American Optometric Association (AOA) advises a visit to the eye doctor. Healthy vision is critical to the developmental process and success in the classroom. There are numerous activities that require visual skills, such as reading, writing and computer work, which students are expected to perform daily. Despite the strong relationship between vision and learning, many Americans misjudge the occurrence of children affected by eye and vision difficulties.

Often the issues a child deals with in the classroom can be the result of vision impairment. The percentage of children who have undiagnosed problems with eyesight is exceedingly large. Over 60% of students classified as students with learning-disabilities actually have undetected vision troubles. Your child will be much better off if you take a proactive role in ensuring your child is seeing properly.

Don't delay your child's first vision screening until kindergarten. Your child's doctor should perform a dilated eye check-up to discover any major eye problems by the first two months of life. It's critical to uncover any problems at a young age, since children are usually more responsive to treatment when diagnosed early. Furthermore as a parent, it's important to see whether your child takes time to read. In general, preschoolers enjoy looking at books and try and decipher words. Children that avoid books or reading may have a vision problem. A complete vision examination by a pediatric optometrist should be one of the tools used in making a diagnosis. For an eye exam for your child in Temecula, CA, call us to schedule an appointment.

Remember that the earlier a vision impairment is detected and treated, the greater the chances for successful treatment. And vision is an essential component for school. If a child's eyesight is impaired, increasing visual demands such as finer print in books or more homework can drastically alter a student's performance. At the same time new technological advances in the classroom, such as the use of interactive SMARTboards, can also possibly make less obvious vision problems worse. A student with poor vision will be affected both at school, and emotionally and physically. This year, ensure your child a productive year in school, by making sure their eyesight is in perfect condition. Contact us to book a Temecula, CA eye exam today.