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3 Tips to Alleviate Dry Eye Symptoms

Dry EyeIf your eyes are dry, uncomfortable, and gritty, you may have dry eye syndrome.

It’s a common condition caused by the tears evaporating too quickly or the eyes not making enough tears. If left untreated dry eye, what seems like just an uncomfortable eye condition can transform into something more serious, which is why addressing it is important.

At Temecula Valley Optometry Dry Eye Center, we treat dry eye in Temecula by creating a tailored treatment plan for each individual patient. Schedule a dry eye exam with us, and in the meantime, try these 3 tips to alleviate dry eye symptoms.

Dry Eye: Causes and Common Symptoms

When the eyes don’t create enough tears, or the tears don’t contain enough oil to prevent them from evaporating, this results in dryness, redness, blurry vision, discomfort, burning sensations, and a sandy feeling in the eye. Light sensitivity is also a common symptom for dry eye sufferers.

Dry eye can be caused by a variety of factors, including certain medications (like anti-inflammatory medications), autoimmune disease, a build-up of mites, makeup or debris, prolonged screen time, and meibomian gland dysfunction.

The meibomian glands, which are located in the eyelids, are responsible for producing oils that coat the tear film. This allows the tears to efficiently lubricate the eyes. But when these glands are blocked, they’re unable to secrete these oils, so the tears evaporate and the eyes become dry.

In severe cases, dry eye can damage the surface of the eye and lead to vision problems.

Here are some ways to alleviate dry eye symptoms:

#1 Practice Good Eye Hygiene

Dry eye can be caused by a build-up of tiny mites, makeup, and debris which clog the meibomian glands.

By keeping your eyelids and lashes clean, you can reduce the number of mites and irritants that contribute to dry eye symptoms.

Using a gentle, oil-free cleanser or sting-free baby shampoo is recommended for maintaining clean eyelids and lashes. You should also practice good habits like removing makeup and contact lenses before going to bed.

#2 Limit Your Screen Time

Prolonged screen time leads to eye dryness. That’s because people tend to blink much less often when looking at a digital device.

Taking frequent screen breaks can help alleviate these symptoms. Try the 20-20-20 rule, which involves looking at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds after every 20 minutes of screen time.

#3 Use Artificial Tears

Artificial tears come in different formulations. They’re used to supplement natural tears and provide relief from dry eye symptoms. A benefit of artificial tears is that they can be used as often as needed.

Unfortunately, artificial tears don’t treat the root cause of dry eye syndrome. The only way to achieve long-term relief is by having a dry eye exam with an eye doctor who deals with dry eye syndrome. Once your eye doctor diagnoses the underlying cause of your dry eyes, they can recommend a prescription or non-prescription eye drops and other treatments.

Find Dry Eye Treatments in Temecula

In addition to these tips, make sure you consult with an eye doctor if you’re experiencing chronic dry eye symptoms.

Set up an appointment with Temecula Valley Optometry Dry Eye Center in Temecula today!

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