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Enchroma Glasses for Color Blindness

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Enchroma glasses are the first glasses with lenses designed specifically to improve vision with for colorblind people. They reduce color confusion by selectively filtering specific frequencies of color. Enchroma comes in an indoor and outdoor versions.

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“We just got the glasses and oh my gosh – I think my son’s life has been changed forever. THANK YOU!!!! He said he can’t believe what flowers actually look like and how blue the sky is now.”

-Jennifer B. (actual mom quote)


Enchroma glasses are designed to help improve a person’s ability to distinguish colors while wearing the glasses. The lenses employ a specialized filter technology, the patent to which is currently pending. The filters in the lenses help to boost the differences between red and green as perceived by the eye, allowing for more normal color perception. There so many positive stories about patients amazed by experience when trying Enchroma glasses for the first time, watching patients smile and feel awestruck by the colors they discover with the glasses.