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High Fashion Frames and Glasses


Temecula Valley Optometry offers a wide variety of fashion frames and glasses to the Temecula area. Stop by our office to browse through our large selection of eyewear. Our staff will be happy to help you find the right frame for your face and lifestyle.

Advanced Progressive Lenses

Temecula Valley Optometry carries Progressive Addition Lenses (PAL). These lenses won’t reveal your age and will restore your natural vision.

Today’s Progressive Lens designs are customized to fit your specific prescription taking into account all the specific parameters of your vision requirements.

New PAL lenses are also built for durability and superior scratch resistance – providing great value without compromising quality.

Some additional reasons your optometrist ay want you to consider PAL lenses:

  • You can acheive clear vision with one pair of glasses even though you need different powers for different distances or tasks
  • They are easy to get used to because a change in distance only requires a slight tilt of the head to more between powers.
  • There are no obvious transitions between fields like you have with bifocals or transitions. This means people can’t tell what type of lens you are wearing and helps you feel young since you don’t have the tell tale signs of bifocal or other lenses associated with aging.