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Your Local Temecula Eye Doctor

Our optometrist, Dr. Winkelstein, offers professional eye care services for the whole family. He is well-known in the Temecula and nearby Murrieta communities for excellence.

We offer specialty eye care services, including:

  • Treatment for dry eye syndrome
  • Fittings for scleral contact lenses
  • Myopia control
  • Treatment of common eye diseases, including glaucoma and macular degeneration

Looking for a great pair of glasses? Our optical team offers a wide range of stylish glasses frames from the world's leading eyewear brands. Some of our top-selling brands include Ray-Ban, Maui Jim, and Guess.

Want to learn more about what we can do to help you keep your eyes healthy? Come visit our Temecula eye care practice, or give us a call at 951-676-9465 today.

Visit Our Eye Care Clinic

Better vision has a direct impact on your quality of life. Only you can ensure that your eyes are in good health by taking time for regular vision tests. Our state of the art equipment and comprehensive eye exams are among the best you will find, designed to go far beyond simple prescription writing (although we do write and fill eye glass prescriptions!). Early detection and treatment of eye disease is critical for long term vision health.

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Comprehensive Eye Eye examinations at your local Temecula vision clinic, just minutes away from Murrieta, Lake Elsinore, Fallbrook, Aguanga and Anza.

Man wearing EnChroma colorblindness glasses

EnChroma glasses are the first glasses with lenses designed specifically to improve vision with for colorblind people.

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Thinking about Lasik? We have extensive experience in the pre-operative evaluation and post-operative care of LASIK and other vision correction procedures.

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Scleral Lenses in Temecula, California

Custom fit scleral lenses can dramatically improve visual acuity and comfort levels in people with corneal irregularities both due to complications following LASIK eye surgery and eye conditions including keratoconus, astigmatism and others.

Scleral lenses are larger than traditional lenses and sit firmly on the eye, offering more stable vision and enhanced comfort for many patients.

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MYOPIA CONTROL IN Temecula, California

Does your child have myopia? If your child’s prescription is rapidly increasing, contact Alan M. Winkelstein, OD, FCOVD for a consultation. Our practice offers evidence-based treatment to prevent the onset or reduce the progression of myopia in pediatric patients.

Myopia increases the chance of your child suffering vision loss later in life. Let us help your child diminish the risk of developing serious ocular diseases with our effective myopia management program.

Dry Eye in Temecula, California

Suffering from dry eye disease not only diminishes your quality of life but also impacts your enjoyment of daily activities such as reading, sports, watching TV or driving. The most common factors that contribute to dry eye syndrome include allergies, tear quality, age, hormonal changes in women, genetics, environment, lifestyle, medications and the overall health of your eyes.

To understand the cause of your dry eyes contact us for a full assessment and a treatment plan that’s right for you.


Vision Therapy in Temecula, California

Poorly developed visual skills can obstruct the ability to succeed in school, work and sports. Vision therapy develops and enhances the student's visual skills, leading to increased visual comfort and information processing and improved reading, learning and overall academic achievements.

When the eyes and brain learn to work together as a team, this allows your child to show their true potential - both in the classroom and sports field.

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We Are Eye Doctors, First & Foremost

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As a Doctor of Optometry at Temecula Valley Optometry, part of my commitment to my patients is ongoing professional education.  As technology and the world around us changes, I have to keep up-to-date, because I have to provide the best care possible for your eyes....
Doctor Wink and his team are the best. Seamless process on the appointment and ordering my supplies from the staff. Dr.Wink is the optometrist that I trust with my eyes !
2 weeks ago
- SoCalTW

Insurances We Accept At Temecula Valley Optometry

We provide both routine eye care and a huge range of optical choices, we accept Medicare and a number of private health insurance plans to help cover the costs.

If you need help figuring out your coverage, we invite you to call our practice for guidance before you come in for your visit. Our staff has extensive experience working with Medicare and many major insurance companies and will be glad to help you understand what benefits are available for you.

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